Monday, May 18, 2015

Safe in the Woods Course

On Saturday, May 30th 2015 author and naturalist Roger Fulton will offer a free 3 hour course titled Safe in the Woods at Lime Hollow Nature Center in Cortland, NY from 2 to 5 pm. The course will be based on his best-selling book, Safe in the Woods – Tips, Techniques and Advice for Safety and Survival. This free course is appropriate for adults 16 and above. In a series of 3 Powerpoint presentations, students will learn how to plan for an outing, how to dress, and what equipment to carry. It will also include advice on what to do if you encounter “critters” out there, from insects to bears. Although the planning and preparation for your outing should keep you out of trouble, there will also be tips on what to do when things go wrong from injuries to what to do if you lose the trail. The last ½ hour we will take a short walk on the Lime Hollow trails to practice what we have learned.
Although the seminar is free, you must make a reservation by contacting Roger Fulton via email at: or by calling him, afternoons or evenings at: 386-956-6089, because space is very limited for this seminar.
If you cannot attend this seminar, you can still get a copy of his book, online or at Lime Hollow Nature Center’s gift store, or take the Interactive course offered at:

Contact information:
Roger Fulton

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