Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sad for Adams Eden :-(

Their trails were featured in our book, Short Hikes in the Finger Lakes - Syracuse and Auburn Regions  
Sadly, here is their most recent announcement: The trails and creek will still be there, so hopefully someone will step up and take it over so we can continue to enjoy this great resource area.
Thanks to the Adams Family for trying to keep this valuable resource alive.

    Notice to visitors and friends,  Adams Eden Camp is going out of business.  We will be selling everything that is not nailed down on the property.  You have all benefited from our facilities and staff, so we would like to give you the opportunity to shop for great deals as we clear everything out.

When:  November 1st – 5th, 2016.  10 AM- 6 PM
Where:  Adams Eden Camp
  4812 Cook Rd.
  LaFayette, NY 13084
What:  Buildings full of everything! Barn of tools and supplies. All contents of house must go. Recreation equipment, furniture, house wares, clothes and shoes of all sizes, brush hog, trailer, table games, picnic tables, like new mattresses, kitchen wares, residential and commercial, TVs, pool table, commercial coffee maker, lumber, hardware, Foosball, air hockey, ping pong, stuffed Elk, bunk beds, wood stove, pellet stove, shelves, POS square system, routers, desks, couches, rugs, ropes, camping supplies, Pepsi vending machine, rabbits, rabbit hutches, ducks, rosters, animal supplies and cages, doors, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, cots, metal frame beds, toys, custom volley ball net and posts, commercial 20' * 16' canvas walled platform tent, barrels, rototiller, hydraulic wood spliter, fire wood, milk cans, pipes and fittings, electrical supplies, masonry supplies, Shop Smith unit, windows, trailers, paint ball netting, paddles, tables, dressers, much more!!

If we have served you well in the past, please come help us out and tell some friends!

Paul Adams
Adams Eden Camp
4812 Cook Rd.
LaFayette, NY 13084
315-677-5121 (Office)
315-558-1197 (Cell)
find us on FACEBOOK

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