Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New for 2015 - Safe in the Woods Interactive Course

Interactive Course: “Safe in the Woods”
New for 2015!
            Based on our best-selling book, Safe in the WoodsTips, Techniques and Advice for Safety and Survival, this interactive course is appropriate for adults 16 and above. There is no time limit so students can work on it at their leisure. In 20 simple and easy-to-follow lesson plans students will learn how to plan for an outing, how to dress and what equipment to carry and what to do if they encounter “critters” out there in the woods. Although the planning and preparation for your outing should keep you out of trouble, there are tips on what to do when things go wrong from injuries, to what to do if you lose the trail. Upon signing up for the course you will receive a copy of the book, Safe in the Woods (a $20 value itself), a lesson plan log and directions on how to complete the course. All of that will be in hard copy as well as on a CD with three hours of Powerpoint review topics and information. Along the way I will personally be available to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of the course by email or phone. If you choose to take the Final Exam (optional) you can earn a Certificate of Completion which will be issued and sent to you by mail.
            The total cost for this interactive course is $50.00 per student. It includes all materials and all shipping charges. You can simply “Add it to Your Cart” online at: http://rogerfulton.com/programs.html  and register and pay with a credit card via PayPal.
            To register without a credit card, simply print out this form and submit it via mail with cash, check or money order to Roger Fulton, 19 Bellrose Ave., Cortland, NY 13045. Questions? Roger@RogerFulton.com or afternoons and evenings at 386-956-6089.

Registration Info:





Submit this completed form with your payment to: Roger Fulton, 19 Bellrose Avenue, Cortland, NY 13045. You should receive your course materials via mail within a few days.

Comments from previous students in our “Safe in the Woods” seminars:

            “Roger, Enjoyed the afternoon class. As an experienced outdoorsman I was amazed at the information I gathered at your course. Well done!”          J.A., New York

            “If you don’t own one of Roger’s books you are missing an invaluable resource!”   D.C., Florida

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